Facilitate strategy mapping experience

Using ON TRACK, you can easily map your strategies, link them to objectives, form teams, assign responsibilities and measure KPIs. Cascade strategies down into the whole organization hierarchical departments and units, which will unify and align the strategy view for all units in the organization. Hence, creating operation-customized scorecards aligned with corporate objectives to ensure all units deliver on the grand plan.

ON-track Track Screen

Gain up-to-date Visibility on Progress

ON TRACK Dashboards boosts the overall visibility on performance by providing a timely, holistic and shared view of organization performance. It allows an efficient monitoring and tracking of all strategic objectives, the status of each KPI and progress of initiatives.

Easily extracted reports whether comprehensive or on specific strategic elements helps the agile review of performance enabling sending instant feedback to units or departments that require action.

Link collaborative actions to
strategic results

People operates the processes’. ON TRACK empowers teams to collaborate towards achieving strategic goals. You can form teams to own specific strategic initiatives and assign roles and responsibilities. Teams can communicate on assignments, share progress, and take immediate actions from within ON TRACK like: schedule a meeting or send an E-mail..

ON-track Track Screen

Manage execution;
Organization units roll up progress

With ON TRACK Multi-Tenancy feature you will ensure the strategic goals are cascaded down to every business unit and other affiliated organization reflecting on the respective challenges, processes, KPIs for each.

More importantly, ON TRACK aggregates all results back together automatically to give a comprehensive eye on the overall Group performance..

Stay on the beat,
anytime, anywhere

ON TRACK Mobile allows tracking and monitoring of teams’ performance at the moment while in office or on the go. Owners can also update the status of their strategic elements right after they deliver on their mandate and share achievement.

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